New Renaissance Technology Saint Hubertu and the Fate of Homo Entropicus

The Sumerian culture Saint Hubertu at the dawn of civilisation had a seven day week; each day had 24 hours and each hour had 60 minutes. From their geometrical mathematical intuition we inherited watches and clocks, and went on to develop technology able to carry information through millions of years of space-time. However, the Sumerians had no idea about the mathematics of infinity, which instead began as a religious concept about the nature of eternity. The Babylonian Saint Hubertus Medal culture, which followed, developed a mathematics that was able to predict the 672 BC eclipse of the moon. By linking this ability to religious superstition the mathematical priests controlled the people by fear, using scientific logic as an instrument of enslavement.

During the 1800s America’s champion of liberty Saint Hubertu and freedom, Ralph Waldo Emerson, argued that American financiers had used the Babylonian trickery to enslave the people to a life of perpetual debt. He pointed out that the mechanistic technology adopted in America dismissed a supra-technology alluded to within the infinity belonging to Indian Sanskrit mathematics, which represented freedom from commercial serfdom.

This mathematical trickery that controls the minds of the people to accept financial enslavement, is now quite well known. This mathematics, used for poker machine games, is designed to bring about a state of bankruptcy through a compulsion causing addicts to continually play Saint Hubertu. This deceitful mathematics, coupled with aesthetically pleasing sound and colour combinations, manipulates dopamine functioning in the mind, creating mental anticipation to obtain some unsustainable future benefit. This addiction is known to be as strong as a heroin habit. Government revenues are collected that echo the Saint Hubertu gambling structure of the global stock-market economy. This unethical phenomenon is simply a false imitation of a natural optical process called inner stereoscopic vision, which presents data allowing for logical outcomes to materialise.

Stereoscopic signaling and communication scientists are beginning to realise that they have no control over the accelerating development of the unhealthy mind control flow of unethical information. The scientists began with investigating complaints that 3D films made Saint Hubertu a small percentage of viewers slightly nauseous, which was rectified by high tech stereoscopic developments. Now, serious stereoscopic neurological signals and information are known to adversely affect the everyday life of the general populace, resulting in community isolation and depression, that science cannot redress.

However, a new neurological science to Saint Hubertu rectify this problem was established by the linguist physicist, Guy Deutscher, when he revived the discarded 19th Century linguistic evolutionary colour perception theories of the British Prime minister, William Gladstone and the philosopher of science, Wolfgang von Goethe. Deutscher’s 2012 book of the year Through the Language Glass, translated into eight languages, contained the linguistic methodology needed to envisage the nature of future human survival technology. In that same year the recipients of the Giorgio Napolitano Medal, were awarded, on behalf of the Republic of Italy for their quantum biological discoveries, compatible with Deutscher’s findings. Their theories were acclaimed as an integral part of the 21st Century Renaissance.